GeoProvider is a recognised Norwegian consultancy firm specialising in Marine Geoscience, GeoMechanics, 2D/3D Broadband Processing, and Site Survey Management Services. We focus on reducing the seabed and subsurface risk from the outset and throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Our Site Survey Services

High Resolution Processing

GeoProvider high and ultra-high resolution, site survey and short offset seismic data processing leverages comprehensive, broadband data processing including deterministic modeling and inversion of source and receiver ghost notches, shot and receiver spatial conditioning, tailored multiple attenuation and pre-stack time migration.

The level of processing applied is of a high specification resulting in superior near surface imaging, and greater confidence when evaluating potential risks.

Key Processing Steps

  • Modelling and Inversion of Source and Receiver Ghost Notches
  • Shot and Receiver Spatial Conditioning
  • Comprehensive Multiple Attenuation – Wave equation, SRME, Tau-P Deconvolution, Radon
  • Detailed Velocity Analysis
  • Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration
  • Q-Compensation

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iSURVEY high resolution processing. iSURVEY, Lundin