Having decades worth of experience acquiring well data both offshore and onshore, at GeoProvider we use our in-house expertise to perform our own digitization, quality control, processing and analysis of vintage data, avoiding the pitfalls of outsourcing and securing high quality reliable results for you and your company.

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Advanced Mud-Gas Analyses plays a key role in derisking plays and prospect. The identification, hydrocarbon typing, and quantification of shows helps you increase the confidence of your play model and identify sweetspots in your play. Detailed analysis allows de-risking the charge of your prospects by identifying the migration routes and carrier beds in your area of interest, as well as identifying vertical and lateral barriers.

GeoProvider’s most popular product is our Advanced Mud-Gas Analyses. The analyses are performed on a well by well basis either as in-depth evaluations to highlight a specific challenge or covering a regional area to map out migration pathways, sealing formations, and hydrocarbon potential.

Mud-gas data is acquired on-board drill rigs and recorded using a gas chromatograph. The gas chromatograph has become very exact over the past 50 years and the principles behind it have stayed the same, meaning that you can correlate and compare your well data across decades of exploration.

GeoProvider has compiled and tested methods and techniques from all over the world and calibrated them against data in the UK, Denmark and Norway. The range of ratios and techniques combine classical methods from the North Sea with newer, sophisticated ways of evaluating the hydrocarbon potential in wells, confirming shows identified from fluorescence, staining, gas spikes and sampling. These methods allow typing of the hydrocarbon fluid properties (phase, API, GOR) and identification of barriers to flow and compartmentalization.



In a fast-evolving, data-driven world, access to high quality large datasets has never been more important.

The GeoProvider data library consists of high quality digitised well data delivered in a Petrel-ready format that can easily be used in any exploration workflow, geomodel or as part of a machine learning project.

Our geoscience datasets are continually expanding, driven by our clients’ needs. They include mud-gas and hydrocarbon analyses, pore pressure and geomechanics, scanned and depth referenced completion logs, temperature, core plug data, core images and core interpretation

The Vintage Data Specialist

Since the beginning GeoProvider has specialised in extracting value from the vast wealth of vintage data available around the world. We can elevate vintage data to todays high standards making it suitable for you to use in your exploration workflows.
Having decades worth of experience acquiring well data, both offshore and onshore, GeoProvider utilizes this inhouse wealth of competency to do their own digitization, quality control, processing and analysis of vintage data to secure perfection for you and your company. The difference is clear!

Well Data Liberation

Well data comes in all kinds of forms and formats, ranging from paper and film to modern realtime MWD data. Knowing how to handle the different data is key to deriving insightful information about the potential in your area of interest. And GeoProvider knows how.