GeoProvider provides high-quality, cost-effective, matched and merged multi-client 2D and 3D data. We utilize existing seismic and well data, extracting its maximum value and offering our clients the best multi-client product in terms of quality and price. Starting from field tapes, we reprocess seismic data using the latest broadband and demultiple techniques, significantly improving overall imaging, resolution and structural definition, delivering outstanding results even on old vintage datasets.
Our reprocessing database now comprises close to 100 000 km 2D and 1000 km2 of 3D data from the Norwegian continental shelf with the oldest acquired in 1968 with a dynamite source. Our clients are impressed by the unrivalled data quality and prices, revealing new structures and prospects.

Multi Client Database Norwegian Sea

Multi Client Database Barents Sea


In today's competitive E&P marketplace, efficiency, quality and reliability are more important than ever before. Each component of your exploration project must be delivered on time and within budget. GeoProvider works with you to meet your exploration and business goals, designing each processing scheme to fit your budget and add tangible value to your assets.
Our seismic data processing services combine the knowledge and skills of experienced geophysicists with mature, powerful and comprehensive software tools to ensure your project objectives are met.

Tools of the Trade
Whether your data requires the latest in powerful imaging technology or an experienced 'light' touch to expertly remove overlaying noise whilst preserving elusive signal events, GeoProvider has that essential combination of the right tools with the skill and experience to know how and when to use them. Key aspects of GeoProvider's modern AVO-friendly processing include mature, transparent broadband processing, comprehensive noise and multiple attenuation, user-friendly velocity analysis, and state-of-the-art time and depth imaging. Key highlights include:

GeoProvider Broadband
The amplitude spectra of conventional marine seismic data are constrained and shaped by both acquisition methods and by filtering effects of the earth. Spectra of the final data may be further compromised by traditional processing methods.
GeoProvider's broadband workflow overcomes these challenges to produce a final dataset with optimised signal frequencies extended beyond both the high and low bandwith limits of standard processing schemes.

Geoprovider's Broadband workflow includes:

  • Ghost-free signature inversion
  • Modelling and constrained inversion of source and receiver ghost notches
  • Q attenuation recovery

The effects of ghosting and earth filtering on the wavelet phase spectrum are also corrected as part of the process to ensure ease of event interpretation.

Multiple Attenuation
Effective multiple attenuation is crucial to producing high quality images and final products suitable for accurate interpretation. Of equal importance is the preservation of full primary signal. For this reason, the solution to multiple contamination lies in successfully combining powerful methods and sophisticated technology with practical experience and attention to detail.

The way in which multiple reflections are generated and how they interact with primary signal is determined by water depths over the survey area combined with local geological characteristics. How they are removed will be determined by careful testing of appropriate methods, parameters and order of application to deliver multiple-free data without compromising primary signal.

Our geophysicists are armed with a full set of effective tools and a wealth of practical experience focussed on this vital aspect of data processing.

Available techniques include:

  • 2D and 3D Convolutional SRME
  • Wave Equation Demultiple
  • Tau-P deconvolution
  • Interbed Multiple Attenuation
  • High Resolution Radon
  • Diffracted Multiple Attenuation
  • Horizon Based Multiple Attenuation

Velocity Analysis
Accurate velocity analysis is without question, essential for the success of any project. Care and attention to detail at this phase in the workflow is critical to the final data quality and imaging accuracy.
GeoProvider's versatile and user-friendly velocity analysis tools include contoured semblance spectra, movie mode multi-stack profiles, velocity function stacks, CMP gathers with interactive NMO updating, angle overlays, map view and iso-velocity plots. Sophisticated automatic velocity analysis algorithms are also available to help generate fine-scale velocity control.
Our experienced, careful and collaborative approach to velocity analysis delivers geologically and geophysically accurate results, positively impacting the final image and giving you the certainty you need.

Time and Depth Imaging
Whether you require an efficient pre-stack time migration workflow for early interpretation and analysis or the latest velocity model building and pre-stack depth migration, for interpretation certainty and risk reduction, GeoProvider has the imaging solutions to fit.

Available workflows and algorithms include:

  • Full depth velocity model building 3D visualisation and QC
  • Global, multi-layer and hybrid model tomography
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff PreSTM & PreSDM
  • PreSDM Q-migration
  • Specular Beam Depth Migration
  • Wave equation migration solutions (Finite Fourier Difference Migration / RTM)