GeoProvider is a recognised Norwegian consultancy firm specialising in Marine Geoscience, GeoMechanics, 2D/3D Broadband Processing, and Site Survey Management Services.

Foundation for the future


GeoProvider is a recognised specialist in repurposing well data. Our unique mudgas analysis methodology developed over the last 10 years provide greater insight into hydrocarbon migration, sealing and producibility. The information is absolutely essential for a range of applications, from exploration to CCS and even shallow gas assessment for wells and seabed infrastructure like offshore wind monopiles.

As a company, we are known for our determination to always upgrade and process our knowledge to the latest standards by expanding it with the complicated latest wells and the data missing from the oldest wells.
GeoProvider can assist your projects from the beginning, including data collection, organization, and digitization of data to experienced data cleaning, and quality control of digitized onshore and offshore data.

In addition to the data processing projects, our exceptional team of consultants and engineers can also offer an interpretation and log creation of mud logs and various types of data including petrophysical, geochemical, operational, drilling, etc.

As a team, we can compile and present all the mentioned data in a Geographic Information System (GIS), tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Hydrocarbon & Seal Evaluation Reports


Good planning and thorough mapping reduces risk, simplifies operations, lowers start-up costs, eliminates unexpected events and surprises, and shortens the time between investment and return.


Based on the collected data, our experts can give qualified and well-founded advice on the way forward, and the best possible decision-making basis for the project owner.


GeoProvider gives you the overview, a comprehensive description and an indicative assessment that gives you a more secure basis for deciding the way forward.

Creating value from existing data

There is an abundance of data of various types available globally.
GeoProvider is a leader in data mining and data collection.

Broadband reprocessing

Multiple attenuation

Velocity ​​Analysis

Time and depth Imaging

Well data

Site Survey Services

Project management

Geotechnical services

Risk assessment


Having decades worth of experience acquiring well data both offshore and onshore, at GeoProvider we use our in-house expertise to perform our own digitization, quality control, processing and analysis of vintage data, avoiding the pitfalls of outsourcing and securing high quality reliable results for you and your company.

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