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Foundation for the future

GeoProvider Offshore Wind Services

GeoProvider is recognized as a leading provider of early phase and feasibility studies for the offshore wind industry.
The studies lead to cost effective, efficient survey planning as a direct result of our engineering and geoscience services.

GeoProvider is a highly focussed company offering unrivalled specialist expertise.
This includes a wide range of studies and services relating to the planning, development, operation and decommissioning of fixed and floating offshore wind turbines. While our home market is Norway, we undertake assignments all over the world:

We are specialists in open-source intelligence (OSINT) and the reprocessing of old data. Other products include an extensive data library comprising seismic, reports and analyses covering the whole globe.

Our unrivalled expertise makes it possible to make informed, sensible and cost-saving decisions from the early stages to production as each situation dictates.

Extensive Data Library

Our core competence is the sub-surface. We are specialists in geohazards, the reprocessing of old data and possess an extensive data library with seismic, reports and analyses.

Tomorrow's Energy Source

We will take a leading position in this development. There are huge areas that must be examined before tenders and start-up, not least to uncover potential obstacles and geohazards.

Knowledge Is Power

A quality supplier of thorough and reliable geological situation analyses. Our expertise makes it possible to make informed, sensible and cost-saving decisions from the early stages to production.


Good planning and thorough mapping reduces risk, simplifies operations, lowers start-up costs, eliminates unexpected events and surprises, and shortens the time between investment and return.


Based on the collected data, our experts can give qualified and well-founded advice on the way forward, and the best possible decision-making basis for the project owner.


GeoProvider gives you the overview, a comprehensive description and an indicative assessment that gives you a more secure basis for deciding the way forward.

Creating value from existing data

There is relevant data everywhere. GeoProvider sits on large amounts of data and has access to relevant data sources all over the world. With more than 50 years of experience, GeoProvider is a leader in data mining and data collection.

More than 10 years of experience

Data Mining

Bathymetry & Multibeam data processing

Seabed Lithology

Ground Model & Soil Provinces

Foundation Feasibility & Design

High Resolution Seismic Processing

Geohazard Assessment

Natural Hazards

Metocean Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment

UXO Risk Assessment

Site Survey Strategy


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